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The Selby 100 Mile House, an elegant estate set on beautiful green grounds that overlook the Ohio river.


The Selby 100 Mile House is an elegant, colonial style, mansion set on over 11 acres along the beautiful Ohio River. The 37-room mansion is located just one hundred miles from Cincinnati, Ohio and one hundred miles from Point Pleasant, West Virginia and is just outside Portsmouth, Ohio. The stone and brick structure was originally constructed, in 1927, as a residence for the prominent, Portsmouth businessman, Charles D Scudder.

The mansion was purchased in 1937 by businessman Roger Selby, president of the Selby Shoe Company, of Portsmouth, Ohio. Roger Selby was not only a distinguished entrepreneur but also a world-renowned breeder of Arabian horses. History states Roger Selby had numerous communications and purchased multiple champion Arabian horses from Lady Wentworth, the famous British royal and owner of Crabbet Arabian Stud Farm. The Selby 100 Mile House & Gardens retained the most famous Arabian Stallion worldwide, during this period, known as “Mirage”.

The impressive grand colonial mansion has breathtaking views of the Ohio River along with many historic outdoor features. Today, original buckeye trees, oak, maple, larch, ginkgo and pines offer exquisite beauty. The grounds also contain many original historic statues creating a memorable impression of the past.

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